Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tips For HP Computer and Printer Troubleshooting

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is one of the largest world wide company which is into manufacturing printers, desktops, workstations, notebooks, tablet PCs, enterprise servers, gaming systems, digital photography, ink, toner and cartridges, storage devices, imaging devices etc. Let's talk about some basic troubleshooting regarding to HP goods.

Troubleshooting with HP Notebook and Desktops:

No Boot Situations

In the situation of "No Boot". When your computer system is not booting any more, then you can check it by your own like, reset the computer system by unplugging and removing notebook battery and hold the power button for 45 seconds to release static charge. Also try to go inside the BIOS of the computer system, by pressing F10 at startup. If you are not able to enter BIOS then it should be a motherboard problem. Check the sound for the processor and the rolling fan, weather light from the touch buttons and power indicator is blinking or not. If you still get problem then at last you can send it back to hp support and replace it with another one, in case the system is under warranty period.

Another common computer problem most of computer user face is related to Notebook's web cam. During browsing the Internet and chatting web cam does not work or get into a computer error. You can follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue;

Click on start - device manager

Select imaging devices

Right click on webcam

Select Properties

Select driver tab – Click enable.


Click on Start - Device manager - Select imaging devices - Right click on Webcam - Reinstall and scan for hardware from the action tab.

Troubleshooting with HP Printer Devices:

HP printer devices some of the time gives error code. You can easily find the printer repair solution according to it's Error code. Even you can find best solution and help from HP web site by just putting the error code.

Some common error code and it's meaning are:

Error code 02: It is related to printer warm up issues. If you are facing this, check your I/O cable for loose connection.

Error code 11: It is simple out of paper issue. You should insert more paper in printer paper tray.

Error code 14: If you are getting this error message then you should check your toner cartridge.

Error code 22: It means printer configuration settings is incorrect.

Error code 30: It means there is a postscript firmware problem.

Error code 40: Usually it means that there is a disconnection between data transfe cable between your computer and printer.

Troubleshooting with HP Cameras:

Generally users have problem with uploading videos and are not able to playback them on there computer. To recover this computer problem you should check the connectivity with the USB cable. And for video play back you need to download the appropriate video codecs, because HP cameras makes video in MP4 formats.

The other common problem Camera screen says the "card is locked". In this case you should check about how much memory is supported. May be you are using above the maximum support. When first time you put in a new card in your camera you should format the card with the camera.

There are lots of HP product which are used these days like home networking, scanners, computer accessories and like computer memory, cables, batteries, ink cartridges. Whenever you face such kind of issue you can get support and help from HP support professionals at www.Printerquickfix.com

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